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Lee Woodz – Daddy’s Little Princess

Lee Woodz is a hottie, but there is more to her than just that. Like most of us she loves music. A typical LA girl might lead a mundane work or school life to follow serotonin enhanced weekends of binge drinking, and partying. But, Lee Woodz is not so typical. She’s a talented socialite in LA’s thriving underground music scene who’s more than just a party girl, she’s an artist, with a musical style primarily influenced by Christina Aguilera and Lauryn Hill which is vivid is her dynamic style encompassing both the art of rap and the soultryness of a singer in one. Daddy’s Little Princess has a fresh sound with dope beats by LA based producer Alwayz Prolific as Lee is currently working with SWINGY Recordings.

Download Daddy’s Little Princes by Lee Woodz @


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