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Cristiano Ronaldo Becomes the Most Liked Figure on Facebook

Cristiano Ronaldo Most Liked Figure on Facebook

International sports superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has surpassed pop-sensation Shakira, and is now the most liked page on Facebook. Over the weekend the athlete’s page count eclipsed 107.1 million professed fans toShakira’s 107 million. Real Madrid’s #7 latest feat comes just five days after he became the all-time leading scorer in European competition with 78 goals and counting. Recently published Facebook’s statistics reveal that nearly half (650 million) of its 1.39 billion accounts “like,” and thus follow a sports page. Doing the math, nearly 17% of those who engage in a sports-oriented Facebook page “like” Ronaldo’s, a number that is quite significant for a single individual. Ronaldo’s Facebook URL is for those interested in getting on board, and keeping up to date with the prominent sports figure.


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