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Leap Luxury Commuter Bus Aims to Redesign the Travel Experience to and From Work

Leap Luxury Commuter Bus

A new commuting company out of San Francisco is looking to change the face of public transportation by offering up a luxury bus service for those willing to fork up a higher fee. Leap has taken a standard city bus and outfitted it with various upgrades focused on comfort and productivity, including upgraded seating and a laptop bar fitted with USB charger outlets and free WiFi. Leap has also partnered with local organic food suppliers in order to provide healthy snacks for those who may have had to skip breakfast. Tickets run $6 per trip, or $5 if purchased in bulk, which is several times the cost of a regular city bus ticket, but well within the budget of San Francisco’s thriving young professional population. Tickets can be purchased through Leap’s free app, which also conveniently allows riders to check the status of their trip, including how many seats are available on each vehicle and the approximate arrival time of the next bus.


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