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Web-Enabling Drones Are Facebook’s Next Priority

Web-Enabling Drones Are Facebook's Next Priority

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has often said that the mission of his social network “is to make the world more open and connected,” and if its latest project is any indication, they are taking that mission very seriously. Just yesterday, Zuckerberg announced that Facebook has completed its first test of a solar-powered drone that uses lasers to beam internet access down to the ground, designed to provide connections to rural and internet-free zones. Code name Aquila—after the mythological eagle that carries Jupiter’s thunderbolts—the V-shaped vehicle has the wingspan of a Boeing 767 but weighs less than a small car, and is said to be able fly for three months via solar power at altitudes of over 60,000 feet. Facebook says it will continue test flights throughout the summer, with a full rollout planned over the next several years.


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