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Adidas Sues Marc Jacobs


Is the new Marc Jacobs collection misleading to consumers? Adidas rep says so. The sportswear company has filed a law suit against the brand with allegations of imitating the iconic three stripe logo. “Marc Jacobs’ use of confusingly similar imitations of Adidas’ Three-Stripe Mark is likely to deceive, confuse, and mislead purchasers and prospective purchasers into believing that the apparel sold by Marc Jacobs is manufactured by, authorized by, or in some manner associated with adidas, which it is not,” the lawsuit states. Can the release of the Marc Jacobs new collection in fact hurt the Adidas brand? Below are the comparable images.

 (left Marc Jacobs, right Adidas)


While Marc Jacobs has yet to make a statement, Adidas have made it clear that they are seeking unspecified monetary or statutory damages and an injunction to prevent the continued sale of the Marc Jacobs apparel.

(via Law360)


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