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Hollowsquad XavierWulf

OK Xavier Wulf ( )is in my mind one of the best underground rappers out there right now coming out of Memphis but don’t get me wrong he has some friends that i will be talking about also real soon #SHWB they are my favorite group out i have to say that they are the only music that i really listen to on the daily it’s somewhat a life style you could say. But lets get back to Xavier for now he is a very special individual with the way he raps super unique in that form he has various flows that one can just simply mosh to and go crazy or just vibe to and kick back and smoke a few bowls too whichever you choose i guarantee you’ll enjoy yourself doing so.
This is my first blog and to end this off i have to say go give him a listen and if you like love it or even hate let me know anyways how you felt what you thought i would love to know !  here is a song off his sound cloud 
if you like this post and might want you’re music to get blogged about add me on twitter Thank you

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