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Last Minute Coachella Makeup!!!!!!

Today is officially the start of the Coachella weekends! If your still having trouble with your makeup here are some quick ideas that will make you stand out this year among the stars.

Coachella is all about the hippy lifestyle. When in doubt go completely nude, with lip and face. But if you do want to try different fun colors try using mute, matte lip colors. So the focus will be on your outfit but your face will still look flawless.

photo 3 (1)

Natural and Matte brown lipstick

photo 4

Mauve lip color and jewels.

photo 1 (4)

Matte brown and winged eyeliner

Matte browns were very popular last year along with mauve lip colors. And remember you’ll be in the sun all day so if you decide to go with a foundation try using something light, or something you could easily apply back on during the night time.


All makeup ideas

Don’t worry you still have time! Throw some flowers in your hair and add some bling and sunglasses and your done

Now go my last minute flower child.


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