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Lime Crime Nation

There is no doubt, all makeup enthusiasts have heard of a trending start up cosmetics company named Lime Crime. Their online status has been proudly and misleadingly talked about within the last 3 years of their popularity. Xenia, or formerly known as her Instagram and professional music name Doe Deere started her humble beginnings in 2003 with a simple Ebay account known as “Thunderwear!”. And officially decided to focus on her make up line Lime Crime. Recently the online website was hacked and all online purchases made between October 4th and February 15th were compromised. Meaning addresses, payment card account numbers, card expiration dates, and payment card security codes were exposed to foreign handlers.

This was not the first time this company has had dealer to customer issues. Lime Crime has been accused of being racist, due to a flawed portrayal of Chinese culture in 2012 and dressing up as Adolf Hitler in 2011, and the quality of her products have also been put into question. If you have been asking yourself, “Is Lime Crime worth the Hype?” some various customers would tell you no. Due to the bad online experiences of many, some individuals have become non Lime Crime advocates. They have recently launched 2 new Velvetines (matte lip glosses) by the name of Riot and a limited edition color by the name of Rave, also there Venus eyeshadow palette has gotten a lot of attention.

If the sparkly advertisements and beautiful women still appeal to you, you can check them out first hand at their website


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