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Niykee Heaton: Internet’s NEW Hot Vixen!


Niykee Heaton is a triple threat vixen that’s leading the new wave of social media among other talented women. Not only can she bless an acoustic cover of your favorite rap/hip-hop song on YouTube, she can also sing and manage one of the sexiest Instagram accounts with a whooping 1.2M followers. The 20-year-old from the Windy City recently caught up with Complex Magazine to chat about all things fickle in the world of social media: the detractors, her true motives, her ‘non-existent’ love life, and thirst traps. I’ll repeat that in case you guys missed it. Her ‘non-existent’ love life. The photo shoot Niykee Heaton did was Complex’s hottest spread thus far. So peep the links below, and follow Niykee Heaton to stay up to date and in the loop with this young beautiful goddess!

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“BAD INTENTIONS” EP – Now Available –

http://www.niykeeheatonmusic.comNiykee Heaton

Photography for the interview is elegantly taken care of by Marcus Hyde and is accompanied by a behind the scenes video of her Complex Crush On You Shoot that rivals the images themselves. Check it out Below!

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This is my first blog post on Majestic Society, so I want to thank all of the beautiful people that read this. Stay Blessed, Way Wayyy Up! -Don Julio!

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