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Long Branch Artist Spank MVCK is here to attack!


Artists from Jersey have seemed to make it their mission to takeover the game. Long Branch native Spank MVCK, formerly known as Mike Gip has made it clear that he is here to conquer. Making the switch from jersey to rap, it is evident that MVCK can attack any genre he puts his mind to. Check out a few highlights from our interview below:

How has music shaped the man you are becoming?

Music gave me confidence. I used to be shy growing up. Receiving the attention I was given once I was public with my music caused my confidence to boost because now I’m recognized & loved for something by people who know nothing about me but what goes on with my music (or what they see on social media). It’s a dope feeling & motivates me to keep going.

Why did you make the transition from jersey club to rap?

-Personal and business reasons. Besides losing that dope feeling I used to get hearing a jersey club heartbeat (club bass pattern), I also witnessed a culture I embraced & learned to love (especially being a New Jersey native) get hijacked by foreigners who are now making serious revenue from OUR culture. After having fellow Jersey club producers and other listeners call me wrong for feeling the way I felt, I knew that’s not where I belonged. There’s a small percentage of genuine people in the music industry, so I’d rather stay close to home.

What do you want your supporters to get from your music?      

-I want my supporters to get the message that you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. There’s no limitations for anything. Yeah I turn up and all that but you have to seize the day. Can’t die regretting the fact that you didn’t experience things you’ve wanted to. That’s messed up, pursue your happiness.




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