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DRAKE – “MY SIDE” [NEW MUSIC] ‘If You’re Reading This’ [BONUS] Track

Listen to Drake’s “My Side”, off the re-release to “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late”.

drake 0 to 100


Hey, it’s your boy (@MPANJE) !
Yesterday, Drake announced his his latest album/mixtape, “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” will be available in physical format on April 21. Luckily, the CD won’t be an exact replica of what we’ve already heard, and Drizzy’s also included two bonus cuts for our listening pleasure. The CD edition will feature “How About Now“, which we heard last October, and a brand new cut, “My Side,” which found it’s way on the internet earlier today. I’ve blessed you with a video of the audio below! If you appreciate the sentimental Drizzy, “My Side” is for you. The young Toronto superstar sings to an unknown woman who, right now, is too far away for a possible relationship. Of course, Drizzy’s “lost up in the 6,” and he can’t help but demand, “Why you never come to where I stay?”Though we’ve already been overplaying IYRTITL for most of the year, the physical release will surely keep the wildly successful album in the loop for the foreseeable future.

Look out for the CD April 21, and catch Drake on the “Jungle Tour” with Future this summer!

Have any thoughts on Drake’s latest love song? Please leave a comment below!


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