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E,I, E,I, NO, McDonald

Warning: the following tweet has been scripted by a professional and ruled highly unprofessional; do not attempt this tweet at home, Jackass. 🐴🔫

On April 28, Houston Rockets social media manager Chad Shanks tweet sailed through the links in the world wide web’s pen–gate open, the maverick bucked ferociously, slinging mud in every direction before being corralled by the organization. Shh, Old McDonald, just close your eyes, they used the ultimate silencer, his ‘death’ in the field will be over soon, spilling little bad blood.
The tweet, “🐴🔫 Shhhhh. Just close eyes. It will all be over soon,” sent following the Rockets series-clinching victory against the Dallas Mavericks, sent public outrage skyrocketing–soaring helplessly toward infinity hits and beyond.

The organization ‘can’t believe it was so easy to spread like butter.’ The tweet, though adding emotion by effectively utilizing emoticons and humor, was ruled a ‘flagrant’ use of thumbs. An obvious attempt at a joke that might even find itself listed on the mafia’s ‘hits’, accomplished its main goal to its audience, to promote and gain awareness about its brand in an entertaining manner. The post ruffled some feathers within the ‘barn’, hatching an uproar amongst animals of the human species as the retweets churned. The ‘branding’ of cattle ready for butchery was considered a ‘foul’ statement, which resulted in the immediate firing of the team’s manager. The team’s finger was on the trigger, deleting the aforementioned tweet as well.

“Sometimes you can go too far,” Shanks tweeted. “I will no longer run @HoustonRockets but am grateful to the organization that let me develop an online voice.”
But their opponents fired back, responding to the tweet.

“@HoustonRockets Not very classy but we still wish you guys the best of luck in the next round.”
Everyone, hide your thoughts 🔒 and watch your thumbs 👍. The birds tweeting 🐥🐤🐣 in Old McDonald’s barn might even contain sensitive material.



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