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Meet Messiah B

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Messiah B was born in the south end of London and was raised by his mum, while his dad moved to America in search of a better way of life. He played Soccer for most of his life, but has always had a passion for music and entertainment. It wasn’t until he was nineteen that Messiah then came into his full musical potential and began to record tracks. Now in 2016, living in Los Angeles, he revolutionized Trap Music by creating a new genre called “RockTrap”.

Messiah B’s innovative idea of RockTrap can be heard in his upcoming sequel album “Audio Paradise II”, that will be released on summer 2016. He combines these two energetic genres into one interesting melodies and rabidly spit lyrics. RockTrap can become the next big genre for 2016, with hits like “Fiji” and Down Payment, he is steadily making waves in the La Music scene. He has Recently linked up with the likes of the “Rej3ctz”, “MuzicKing”, and for production “Kushingham” and “Wes Period” as well for his tape and single projects so we definitely look forward to hearing more from this guy!!! Here is his track new Down Payment Hosted by the popular Atlanta Radio host DJ JumpOff!
Follow him @MessiahB_MVP on twitter.”
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