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Tax Season Podcast


Tax Stone is  more than a podcast host. He’s a ladies man, D’usse XO cognac drinker, ex-con from Brooklyn, New York and a prominent figure in this era’s hiphop culture.  But, is someone’s criminal record, a definite indicator, on the type of person they are and they type of character they have?


Tax Stone’s  Tax Season podcast has been airing for over a year now. His numbers are through the roof, with each episode averaging thousands  of plays via Soundcloud every week, as well as a very aggressive group of online social media followers on Instagram and Twitter.


Tax Stone’s niche is simple. He’s real. He doesn’t sugar coat. He tells it like it is, or at least what his true perspective is. Often times Tax will interview a rap artist, model, stripper, celebrity’s or regular person he knows from around the way.


Tax interviewing Joe Budden

Tax Stone has a certain way about himself, he knows how to get an interesting story out of someone. He uses colloquialism, wit and street intellect to make  celebrity’s spill their guts during interviews on Tax Season.


Charlamagne Tha God – Tax Stone – Andrew Schulz

By appearance, Tax may not look like what you believe to be a journalist, but in fact he is; just as much so as Barbra Walters, Jon Stewart, Anderson Cooper or Katie Couric are journalist, so is Tax Stone.  He discusses everything from music, relationships, sex, scams, women, prison, crime, current events, celebrity gossip and more interesting topics, primarily the basis being hiphop culture. Tax has transformed and revolutionized the podcast game and positioned himself as prominent figure and voice for hiphop.

Footage from Tax Stone’s instagram when he was joking around inside the office of  Jay-Z , when Hov laughs about “14-Year Drug Dealer” viral comment made by a news reporter.


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