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@SlimmyMane’s “New Jack $limmy” is ridiculously wavy–listen here

$lim’s new mixtape, “New Jack $limmy,” just dropped a few days ago, on February 8th. Highly inspired by early 90’s hit movie New Jack City, New Jack $limmy is a deep & ambient, drum-based mixtape coming from one of underground Florida’s best. 8 tracks of that great, new, Florida sound. Although he may not identify himself as such, ELEVATOR magazine has classified him under the “VaporWave” genre. The tape features production from well-known producers zJakkies, LORD CASSO, and EssenceofK.

UNDERVIEWS recommends you take a listen to Bet (prod. zJakkies) and Buku Money (prod. Jaundy).

Completely mixed, mastered, and recorded by $lim himself, this project won’t let you down. Listen below.


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