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InrG – “Open Up” (Produced By LifeStyleDidIt) Artwork by Envy



After taking a year off from music completely, Texas artist, InrG, is back with his first offering in ‘Open Up’ since his departure. The record itself, featuring production from LifeStyleDidIt, is exactly what the rap game and Hip-Hop culture needs as it continues to enlarge. From the amazing thoughtful lyrics to the jumpy and chill hook to the bright message, it’s clear InrG is a contender for one of the most talented upcoming superstars. InrG – {In-Ur-G} – (standing for Innovative Nigga w/a Real Grind) is one of the most diverse young artists on the come up amongst names like Isaiah Rashad, Sophie Beem, 6LACK, Roy Woods, Daya, and many more. He is a gifted songwriter, lyrical monster, and a vocal genius! Having a vocabulary expansion similar to Kendrick Lamar, a smooth, comfortable delivery similar to Common, and a unique ear for harmonization such as Drake and Kid Cudi.

InrG speaks on topics like the dynamics of love, his perspective on life, the struggle, and personal conflicts. The San Antonio native has been hard at work crafting out his creative lane within the industry but has been plagued by the consequences of life’s unfortunate events (family drama, discouragement, leaving college, and wrong moves at the wrong time) taking place a few years at a time. Pursuing his musical journey no matter the circumstances , InrG racked up multiple song ideas and inspiration throughout his down time; though most of these records have yet to be released, InrG’s current efforts will drive traffic and animosity towards his debut project ‘Words: (Sacred Sentiments)’. At 20 years old, InrG reflects on his musical platform as a ‘place where he can feel comfortable, open, and honest…no strings attached.’ He later adds that, ‘if it weren’t for music, I really have no idea what path I would be following at the moment. Music is literally everything to me.’

With his debut project set to release in late August of 2017, you can be sure you’ll be in for a special treat as it’s no secret he’ll take the industry by storm. An artist like InrG is one who is constantly growing and constantly looking for inspiration. We’re so excited he’s decided to began releasing new music again; now it’s time for the world to be introduced.






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