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(Music) 4Waay K ft. BeatKing – “FRFR”


4Waay K links with BeaKing for his most recent single, “FRFR”. This one is produced by THIZAEZBEAT and touches on that down ass girl who comers into your life and just holds it down. You’ll be hearing a lot more from 4Waay so keep it locked as 2017 is shaping up to be his biggest year yet!

(Music) Roy Banks – “Cruisin'”


Kick back, relax and enjoy the ride to the sounds of Roy Banks new song, “Cruisin'”. This one is produced by B.Young and keeps you nodding your head throughout. Look out for more from Roy as we move through 2017!

(Music) Zion Moore – “Splash”


The ATL is always birthing new flava to the forefront. Introducing a new kid on the block by the name of Zion. Zion has hit the streets hard with his new single “Splash”, and doesn’t show any signs of stopping. Produced by Mike Da Rockman, there is no doubt that this joint is going to hit the industry hard this year. Keep your eyes peeled and ears locked for a lot more from Zion Moore moving forward!

(Music) KidCali Ft. Sean Brown – “Keep Going”


Hailing from Raleigh, North Carolina by way of San Diego, California, Kid Cali knows a thing or two about work! For his latest release, the young emcee sets a reminder for himself to “Keep Going” and brings Sean Brown along for the ride. This one is all about seeing the bullshit and not letting anything get in your way. Nique Musiq handles production on the motivational banger. Look for a lot more on the way from Cali as he continues his rise to the top!

(Music) Yung Zona – “Zona Chronic”


Murfreesboro Tennessee native Yung Zona comes through with his latest effort, “Zona Chronic”, a look into the life of the rapidly growing emcee. This one packs 11 tracks of fire and features production from the likes of BO. Beatz, TheBeatPlug, Taz Taylor, Camgothits, Nikko Bunkin, Rashad B, Jacob Lethal & B. Young. Features are light with only Evan Dupri & Rashad B making appearances, but it really allows Zona to stand out here on his own. You can check out the project below and if you’re feeling it, check it out on iTunes and Spotify!

(Video) Shadow DiGeneral – “Light Skin Cubana”


When the summer hits, there is no telling what will come along. For Shadow DiGeneral, it just so happens to be a “Light Skin Cubana” and we aren’t mad at it. The Brampton, Ontario native hits the beach and finds what seems to be “the one” as he tries to get to know her better and see just exactly what it is she’s all about. This one is produced by L.E.N Beats, who provides a trap-like anthem that’s sure to go-off as we hit the warmer months. Check it out below!

Yung Paco – Moon Walk (prod. @Mariibeatz11)  | @TheRealYungPaco

Yung Paco also known as Diego Walla is a trap rap artist from North Carolina. Yung Paco is a full time hustler and rap is the way he chooses to express himself creatively. His music is mostly up tempo and high energy with melodic verses. Moon Walk is the latest musical creation of Yung Paco.

Run Forest Run – Og Nickelo | @OGNickelodeon

Gay rapper Og Nickelo is dropping hits via soundcloud and paving the way for openly gay rap artist. Og Nickelo is originally from New Orleans, which has a big influence on his music style as he’s apart of the TrapBounce subgenre of rap. You can also hear the influence of Atlanta and Los Angeles in his music, as he’s spent time in those cities.

Hot Dizzy – “My Life”


Hot Dizzy keeps things moving with another one! This go around it’s no secret what his latest single is about. “My Life” covers exactly that, the life and times of the Indianapolis, Indiana emcee. Check it out below and keep it locked for much more!

(Music) Hiigh Society – “W.U.A.G.E.”


What’s understood ain’t gotta be explained! That’s the message that Hiigh Society is sending with the project from Palm Beach County Florida emcees Hiigh Society. Bass-Bino & Mazerati Kilo return with 8 new tracks on the appropriately titled “W.U.A.G.E.”, and bring nothing but fire just in time to light up your summer. Check out this one below and grab it on your favorite streaming retailer, including Apple Music and Spotify!

(Music) Denzel Martyr – “PRVBLMZ”


As he prepares to drop his new EP “V for Victory”, Florida-based artist Denzel Martyr releaases his new single “PRVBLMZ”. Produced by RavO, the song carries a big message, addressing only some of the many problems that remain in urban communities across the nation. It touches on the complacent attitude that people often take up in the mist of poverty and desperation.

“Some don’t believe that they will ever make it out of the struggle like slavery to the people of Egypt during Moses’ time. They have forgotten to call upon God because they don’t see His way as an effective release from the chains that we call bondage” says Martyr.

Listen to the song below and support the movement by purchasing on iTunes and Spotify. Look out for the project soon as well!

(Music) Cronyk Illness – “The Interview”


Cronyk Illness is a Nashville emcee who comes by way of Chicago and he has a story to tell. It’s not just his story though, it’s everyone within the community. His latest release “The Interview” is an in depth look at what is happening all around the country and the hardship, racism, neglect and wrong doing that’s affecting the people within. The rising up that takes place throughout is a message everyone should hear and be active on. The project features Dizzy Beats, Tone Jonez, Vybe Beats, Flawless, Scott Supreme, Tom Davis, Superstar O & Matthew Primetime Martin on production and Don Dadda Da Gr8, Oshea, Lil D, 187 Blitz, Marcus Fuller, Ian, Q, Tone Jonez, Tom Davis, and Deremus Jones all add their verses to this one. This isn’t only an album, it is a book as well. You can purchase a hard copy of the project on his website and Amazon. You can stream and buy the project on iTunes, Tidal, Amazon and Apple Music!

ATL DJ @SonnyDigital Accused Of Attempted Rape

Sonny Digital is an American artist, and I use that term very loosely.


only is he verbally abusive to women but he is also being accused of attempting to rape a female.


With his track record for aggression towards women as early as a few hours ago where he can be seen on twitter calling a woman who asked him to stay away from her repeatedly verbally attacking and degrading the woman while his followers take part. One even responded to the accuser that she was not pretty enough for Sonny to rape… wow

Twitter is crazy so who knows what will come of this nasty accusation as of right now Sonny is making things much worse by harassing women in public.

(Music) Jayy Maadniss – “HTR17”


Virginia emcee Jayy Maadniss is preparing to release his upcoming EP, “Jiggy Jayy”. Before he does that though, he gives us a taste of what we can expect with an unreleased cut off the project “HTR17”. He’s holding no bars back on the Raisi K produced cut, as on this one he’s coming for the artists at the top, including Drake, Rick Ross, Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar, & many more! Don’t look now, but Jayy just might be on his way to taking their crowns if he can keep things up at this pace. Look for the project to drop very soon!

(Music) Armonxx – “Lord Of The Eleventh The Trilogy (Disc 1)”


Says Armonxx on the release of his brand new project…

This is the 6-track EP, Disc 1 of the 3 trilogy series of my cinematic fantasy mindstate of taking a 360 turn in environments. From coming from the Dark Projects of Indianapolis to getting to the Suburbs of West Texas, mentally putting and carrying the weight of being the one who has to put on for my city. “Lord Of The Eleventh” title comes from being the lord of the eleventh month, November, which signifies the cold which is the hardest time in Indiana. You discover my vices and my downfalls while hearing me foresee & tell the future so vivid down to the touch.

This is my first project since 2016 and it is entirely produced by my in-house producer Ghxxst, the one behind a lot of my big songs. The Production is mostly 808 heavy choir-angelic vibe with a mix of very lush and luxurious sounds. My lyrics touch a lot about my love for expensive leather, Godly living, porn, ambition, basketball and Martin Scorsee films. At times, I’m very out there with my self-confidence in my abilities, but at the same time channeling my vulnerable half & finding myself.

Check it out below and look out for the next 2 parts of the series, coming soon!