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Flex – Starbucks

Chops N Glocks Artist ‘ FLEX ” drops his new single “STARBUCKS” on his soundcloud. Upcoming releases are coming as well. A upcoming ep is dropping in June . The song is produced by yung murk , who has previously produced “Right Now” that is also on his soundcloud.

Flex is from Phoenix , Arizona . He has made a lot noise off his 2016 hit song fill it up that was featured on the local radio stations and worldstarhiphop. He created his label Chops N Glocks in 2015 and since then has grew the label that now has Flex , Ca$h , Polo G , and Hu$tle A on the label. This year he has plan for the release of a new EP that has been in the works for the last 8 months.

Trapn Ratchet EP by Muzic King – @iAmMuzicKing


West coast rap artist Muzic King has released his highly anticipated Trapn Ratchet EP. The projects is one hundred percent Muzic King. There are no features on this five track EP. Muzic King created his own unique trap art for the album and produced all the beats. In a sense, we really understand the Trap vibe, because it was created from nothing. 

Sonically the tracks vary on the project between west-coast, ratchet, party music  and trap music, thus the title Trapn Ratchet. The music is more so high energy, uptempo rap with punch-line lyrics that tell stories and paint a vivid illustration of what Trapn Ratchet is.

Trapn Ratchet – (SoundCloud):

Trapn Ratchet – (Spotify):

Trapn Ratchet – (Apple Music):

Trapn Ratchet – (Spinrilla):

Kevin Jere – “Headed Back” – @OnlyKevinJere

Kevin Jere is a young, buzzing rap artist from New Jersey. Lyrically he’s so east coast. He style is reminiscent of 50 Cent. You can hear the east coast in his voice. Kevin Jere has bars, no mumble rap. Keep him on your radar for best upcoming rappers in 2017.

#RunMeThatMoney – Muzic King @iAmMuzicKing | shot by @JMoneyMakk


Inglewood, California rap artist Muzic King hits us with a visual for Run Me That Money. The video is self-directed by Muzic King with assistance from JMoneyMakk as the cinematographer.


Snapchat: MuzicKing

Kosky – Better Man [Official Music Video]

Kosky is an independent artist from Montreal, Canada.

The second single off the upcoming EP set to be released this summer!

“You say that people can’t change, For those they love I swear they can I’m so sorry babe, I wish I was a better man
You say I’m stuck in my ways, But I can grow, I know I can
I’m so sorry babe, I wish I was a better man”

Video by NUAGE Productions

All rights reserved © 2017

Dope Hits Volume #1 | Hosted By Muzic King @iAmMuzicKing


Take a listen to the free mixtape curated by Muzic King. Here’s a dose of hot new music from mainstream and underground artist. You can stream below or click here.


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SnapChat: Muzic King

Aaron Cohen – Cake Up (@AaronCohenRap) Produced by @K3MVL

Aaron Cohen - cake up.jpg

Jewish rap artist known for his incredible lyricism Aaron Cohen drops off a new single Cake Up where he raps about his financial endeavors in the rap game.

(new @Stussy music) #Fashion by @AZETHEGOAT & @BJxSeph



Corona, California rap artist ‪@AzEthegoat ‬drops a new track #Fashion with ‪@bjxseph ‬

AzEthegoat from LA/IE has been wearing Stussy brand clothing since his junior year of high school and loved it so much, he made a song about it. With the help of wsL1L B, the tandem made the song in hopes of getting sponsored by stussy.


Nova Visuals Bentley Coupe(Remix) @novavisuals_


Nova Visuals recently released a remix to Lil Yachty and Gucci Mane’s track called, “Bentley Coupe” on Soundcloud. This isn’t the official beat but coming from the artist he didn’t care if it was the official beat or not, he just had to hop on it. The artist came with many flows and creative styles on the beat. So to those that want to listen to Nova’s remix to Bentley Coupe go listen down below. Share, like, and comment you can also follow the artist on Twitter @novavisuals_.

(NEW RELEASE)”Now” @novavisuals_


Nova Visuals, well Nova released a new track  on Spinrilla called, “Now” produced by GodLike1029. If you’ve listened to the track you can tell that Nova brought a lot of energy into this one. This is not the only time I heard music from Nova but to make a long story short it seems like he’s taking his life & music serious now. I’m ready to hear more from Nova but also 2 weeks ago Nova released his EP “No Hand Outs” on Spinrilla, iTunes, Spotify, and more. His EP is doing numbers right now so you might want to go check that out also.

Tax Season Podcast


Tax Stone is  more than a podcast host. He’s a ladies man, D’usse XO cognac drinker, ex-con from Brooklyn, New York and a prominent figure in this era’s hiphop culture.  But, is someone’s criminal record, a definite indicator, on the type of person they are and they type of character they have?


Tax Stone’s  Tax Season podcast has been airing for over a year now. His numbers are through the roof, with each episode averaging thousands  of plays via Soundcloud every week, as well as a very aggressive group of online social media followers on Instagram and Twitter.


Tax Stone’s niche is simple. He’s real. He doesn’t sugar coat. He tells it like it is, or at least what his true perspective is. Often times Tax will interview a rap artist, model, stripper, celebrity’s or regular person he knows from around the way.


Tax interviewing Joe Budden

Tax Stone has a certain way about himself, he knows how to get an interesting story out of someone. He uses colloquialism, wit and street intellect to make  celebrity’s spill their guts during interviews on Tax Season.


Charlamagne Tha God – Tax Stone – Andrew Schulz

By appearance, Tax may not look like what you believe to be a journalist, but in fact he is; just as much so as Barbra Walters, Jon Stewart, Anderson Cooper or Katie Couric are journalist, so is Tax Stone.  He discusses everything from music, relationships, sex, scams, women, prison, crime, current events, celebrity gossip and more interesting topics, primarily the basis being hiphop culture. Tax has transformed and revolutionized the podcast game and positioned himself as prominent figure and voice for hiphop.

Footage from Tax Stone’s instagram when he was joking around inside the office of  Jay-Z , when Hov laughs about “14-Year Drug Dealer” viral comment made by a news reporter.

No Hand Outs EP

no-hand-outs-ep-front-coverOn September 16th the 20 year old artist from Lynchburg, Virgina “Nova Visuals” released his 1st EP on Spinrilla called, “No Hand Outs”. He has a total of 6 tracks on his EP , all of the tracks are different and dope. From a artist coming out of Virginia I have to say Nova is pretty dope. Throughout the EP you will also notice that Nova has his (single) “How We Livin” on there you could listen to his single on iTunes. If you’ve never heard of Nova or haven’t heard any of his music before, then go listen No Hand Outs on Spinrilla and more…


@novavisuals_ | I Steal Want You(Prod. By. Lowkey)

I Steal Want You.jpg

Yesterday evening Nova Visuals released his R&B track called, “I Steal Want You” produced by Lowkey on Soundcloud. From the beginning to the end of his song I gotta admit that it is really dope & unique. The 20 year old Va artist is nice. Recently he has released a track with an artist named DreTheDon called, “Higher Power” produced. by Kyduh Beatz, go check that out. To stay updated with the Nova Visuals next or previous release go follow him on Twitter @novavisuals_.

Get to know California native Jay Entendre!

What’s up Framily, it’s your boy Turn Up T!

I’m doing a spotlight interview for an up and coming artist on the rise that goes by the name Jay Entendre formerly known as The Kid Bilal.

Kirko Bangz (left) Jay Ebtendre (right)

Kirko Bangz (left) Jay Entendre (right)

He is a PR and Marketing wiz whose represented artists such as The Game, Wale and even R&B powerhouse singer Jill Scott. Perhaps the passion behind representing and promoting such celebrity talent is in connection with what Jay Entendre has evolved into- a rising recording artist. @JayEntendre is currently signed to the first Independent Major Record Company out of Las Vegas (The Private Plane) under 5 time Grammy Winner Malik Yusef of G.O.O.D. MUSIC. #PVTPLN

The alternative/hip hop artist started receiving notable buzz at the age of sixteen, but admits that he was not fully aware at that time of neither what his capabilities were, nor what would be in store for him. Jay Entendre highlights his first performance as an opening act at a venue in Clovis, California for a crowd of over 10,000 people. The Long Beach, California native describes his sound as music in a conscience realm infused with soul and funk that makes you think and feel serene. His alternative/hip hop vibe is a spin off west coast music, which also is a genre that Hip Hop legend Ice Cube and many others coined and helped popularize in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The talented artist(@JayEntendre) is optimistic about his future and relishes in his other gifts as a musician who plays the guitar, drums, and the keyboard. No time better than now, the Howard University graduate is ready to fully release his artistry onto a mainstream platform.

@JayEntendre is a pretty versatile guy, he’s a Poet/Musician/PR Rep, has been featured twice on MTV’s partnered website Ourstage. Known World-Wide for his international remix “She Craves Me” ft Flight Facilities under the name The Kid Bilal.

“Great track, great flow, great lyrics.” – on “She Craves Me”

He is in the works of creating his second international remix for the “The Promise” with Number 1# Billboard artist Clive Farrington of When In Rome. Jay is also currently in the studio working with Platinum selling artist MANN and producer Brandon Bell (Credits: Justin Bieber, Keyshia Cole, Busta Rhymes, Juicy J, and many more..) working on a single for his debut record, “Quality Control” (How to live) #HTL

Jay Entendre at the 2014 BET Experience at L.A Live

Jay Entendre at the 2014 BET Experience at L.A Live

Q&A with Jay Entendre below.

Q. What have you found to be the most difficult transitioning from a PR expert to a blossoming young artist?

I’ve been working with artists who are used to seeing me from a PR standpoint dressed in a suit and tie so it can be challenging when trying to shift the focus to artist. Therefore, I am my own representative and PR. I utilize my talents in various areas of the business, so my plan is not to be categorized in one particular aspect of it.

Q. What advice would you give to an up and coming artist diving head first into the music industry?

Learn as much as much as possible about what your expertise will be, use that as leverage to get to the next level, and remember that everyone has a strength and everyone has a weakness; learn to personify that in your team or other people. Over and above all, STAY POSITIVE!
Q. Who were your Top 5 musical influences growing up?
The Jackson Five, Marvin Gaye, Bad Brains, Tupac Shakur & Kanye West.
Q. Who do you see yourself collaborating with in the near future?
I have a track coming out with my homie MANN called Lyrical Ammunition! Be on the look out for that plus other projects. But to answer your question more in depth, I see myself collaborating more often with some great artists named Vida Mapatis, and Malik Yusef just to name a few.
Jay Entendre
Q. Planning anything huge for the summer?

Yes! The second annual Creative Soundz Music Festival! It’s my own community block party & music festival which will is annually in Fresno, California in support of at risk youth.

Q. What are some goals of yours?

A few goals of mine that I have for myself are to see my brand expand; earn at least one Grammy, and bank up some foreign dollars(Euros) for sure.

Q. It’s really awesome that you were featured on MTV, how did that opportunity come about?

I downloaded one of my songs on Ourstage and left it alone without even checking the site. Then six months later I was getting phone calls and that’s how I found out my song was number one on the website. It was great because I got a lot of publicity, but I didn’t have the exclusive rights to sell the song. However, it gave me much exposure.
MTV Artist Page

Q. It was an honor interviewing with you framily, any last words before you continue to rise up and prosper? 

Lastly, I would like to thank Majestic Society/Turn Up T! for featuring me. I also would like to give a special shout out to Vida Mapatis for holding The Private Plane down in the tri-state, G.O.O.D. Music, Malik Yusef for putting us on, and last but never least; Shanise Burris for the love and great video work!

-Jay Entendre signing off*

For more updates on Jay Entrendre’s journey, follow him on Twitter: @JayEntendre

To whom it may concern, here’s his EPK submission along with information regarding his music and what he’s been currently working on: Vimeo.

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Koda – “Holy Water Remix”

Check out this up and coming artist from Virginia Beach, VA. With his innovative artistry, new age beats, and excellent flow, he is beginning to take over low-key hip hop.