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Run Forest Run – Og Nickelo | @OGNickelodeon

Gay rapper Og Nickelo is dropping hits via soundcloud and paving the way for openly gay rap artist. Og Nickelo is originally from New Orleans, which has a big influence on his music style as he’s apart of the TrapBounce subgenre of rap. You can also hear the influence of Atlanta and Los Angeles in his music, as he’s spent time in those cities.

Trapn Ratchet EP by Muzic King – @iAmMuzicKing


West coast rap artist Muzic King has released his highly anticipated Trapn Ratchet EP. The projects is one hundred percent Muzic King. There are no features on this five track EP. Muzic King created his own unique trap art for the album and produced all the beats. In a sense, we really understand the Trap vibe, because it was created from nothing. 

Sonically the tracks vary on the project between west-coast, ratchet, party music  and trap music, thus the title Trapn Ratchet. The music is more so high energy, uptempo rap with punch-line lyrics that tell stories and paint a vivid illustration of what Trapn Ratchet is.

Trapn Ratchet – (SoundCloud):

Trapn Ratchet – (Spotify):

Trapn Ratchet – (Apple Music):

Trapn Ratchet – (Spinrilla):

Kevin Jere – “Headed Back” – @OnlyKevinJere

Kevin Jere is a young, buzzing rap artist from New Jersey. Lyrically he’s so east coast. He style is reminiscent of 50 Cent. You can hear the east coast in his voice. Kevin Jere has bars, no mumble rap. Keep him on your radar for best upcoming rappers in 2017.

Chuck – Still Motion [music video] over Nipsey Hussle’s “I DONT STRESS” Director: Muzic King


Chuck is a rap artist from Compton, California. He grew up in the streets and attended the notorious Centennial High School, much like Compton greats that have come before him, Kendrick Lamar and Dr. Dre, Chucks music tells the story of a true west coast rap artist.  Chuck raps over the I Don’t Stress instrumental,  originally by Nipsey Hussle, who’s one of  the kings of  rap in Los Angeles. The Still In Motion music video is directed by Muzic King.

Instagram: @ChuckOnThaBeat

Twitter: @ChuckyLarryIII

DISHES – @RonSoQuiet 

North Carolina rapper Ron So Quiet, who was previously a Chef drops a interesting sounding record DISHES. We love this record. The visual is dope. The lyrics are unique & the beat is solid. We’d put Ron So Quiet in the same category of Awful Records rapper Father.


#RunMeThatMoney – Muzic King @iAmMuzicKing | shot by @JMoneyMakk


Inglewood, California rap artist Muzic King hits us with a visual for Run Me That Money. The video is self-directed by Muzic King with assistance from JMoneyMakk as the cinematographer.


Snapchat: MuzicKing

Dope Hits Volume #1 | Hosted By Muzic King @iAmMuzicKing


Take a listen to the free mixtape curated by Muzic King. Here’s a dose of hot new music from mainstream and underground artist. You can stream below or click here.


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SnapChat: Muzic King

Aaron Cohen – Cake Up (@AaronCohenRap) Produced by @K3MVL

Aaron Cohen - cake up.jpg

Jewish rap artist known for his incredible lyricism Aaron Cohen drops off a new single Cake Up where he raps about his financial endeavors in the rap game.

(new @Stussy music) #Fashion by @AZETHEGOAT & @BJxSeph



Corona, California rap artist ‪@AzEthegoat ‬drops a new track #Fashion with ‪@bjxseph ‬

AzEthegoat from LA/IE has been wearing Stussy brand clothing since his junior year of high school and loved it so much, he made a song about it. With the help of wsL1L B, the tandem made the song in hopes of getting sponsored by stussy.


Nova Visuals Bentley Coupe(Remix) @novavisuals_


Nova Visuals recently released a remix to Lil Yachty and Gucci Mane’s track called, “Bentley Coupe” on Soundcloud. This isn’t the official beat but coming from the artist he didn’t care if it was the official beat or not, he just had to hop on it. The artist came with many flows and creative styles on the beat. So to those that want to listen to Nova’s remix to Bentley Coupe go listen down below. Share, like, and comment you can also follow the artist on Twitter @novavisuals_.

(NEW RELEASE)”Now” @novavisuals_


Nova Visuals, well Nova released a new track  on Spinrilla called, “Now” produced by GodLike1029. If you’ve listened to the track you can tell that Nova brought a lot of energy into this one. This is not the only time I heard music from Nova but to make a long story short it seems like he’s taking his life & music serious now. I’m ready to hear more from Nova but also 2 weeks ago Nova released his EP “No Hand Outs” on Spinrilla, iTunes, Spotify, and more. His EP is doing numbers right now so you might want to go check that out also.

No Hand Outs EP

no-hand-outs-ep-front-coverOn September 16th the 20 year old artist from Lynchburg, Virgina “Nova Visuals” released his 1st EP on Spinrilla called, “No Hand Outs”. He has a total of 6 tracks on his EP , all of the tracks are different and dope. From a artist coming out of Virginia I have to say Nova is pretty dope. Throughout the EP you will also notice that Nova has his (single) “How We Livin” on there you could listen to his single on iTunes. If you’ve never heard of Nova or haven’t heard any of his music before, then go listen No Hand Outs on Spinrilla and more…


@novavisuals_ | I Steal Want You(Prod. By. Lowkey)

I Steal Want You.jpg

Yesterday evening Nova Visuals released his R&B track called, “I Steal Want You” produced by Lowkey on Soundcloud. From the beginning to the end of his song I gotta admit that it is really dope & unique. The 20 year old Va artist is nice. Recently he has released a track with an artist named DreTheDon called, “Higher Power” produced. by Kyduh Beatz, go check that out. To stay updated with the Nova Visuals next or previous release go follow him on Twitter @novavisuals_.

Feebzz – Foriegn Money (Music Video & Mixtape Download)

Feebzz Foreign Money

New York, white girl rapper Feebz drops an interesting visual for her Foreign Money project out now!


Feebzz – Foreign Money
Produced by Blizzedout
Directed/Edited/Animated by Feebzz + Blizzedout